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Adapting the state-of-art generative models to creative applications

March 15th, 2021

Large-scale natural language models are becoming increasingly common and their accessibility is steadily improving. For one example, Google T5 and OpenAI’s GPT-3 clearly demonstrate the power of transfer learning in NLP models trained on a wide variety of natural…

Snow: the starting location

The game of stark space

Have you ever thought about the role of space in the matters of life and death? What if you had to face the situation where “being lost” is not just an adventure, but a real risk to someone’s wellbeing?

These are the questions and challenges…

Critical Play: Short Hike

For this last critical play, I am picking the indie game Short Hike designed by Adam Gryu and published by Whippoorwill Limited in 2019. This game features a 2.5D world and at the core of aesthetics appears to be an Animal Crossing knockoff mated with a…

For this critical play, I will be reviewing two games: Battle Cats (developed by Ponos Corp and released in 2014) and Plants vs. Zombies 2 (developed by PopCap Games and released by Electronic Arts in 2013).

Both games are of the “tower defense” type and derive fun from the challenge…

Sid and Al: Incredible Toons

a complicated puzzle in Sid & Al

I have to admit that my choice of the puzzle game to do a critical play this time was affected by the fact that after playing Walden and Life Is Strange 2 finding puzzles in another walking simulator or a visual novel would be too…

Life is Strange 2

LIS2 is a title produced by DONTNOD Entertainment in 2018 and is a story of two brothers on a road trip across the Pacific West. …


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